January 27

Letter from Marvin about
Moms house.
1930 Jan Bob Neil came to see me at Willow St
1973 Some ladies from my church
brought me some flowers & candy.
It was so nice seeing them.
Talked to Fred.
1973 Had good night. Washed 1
of my dresses. Played Bingo.
Talked to Glad & Fred.

1973 Had good night. Talked to
Fred this am. Croched all after-
noon. Fred called at 7 on the dot
Listened to Welk & Archie.
1973 Bob & Vi came & brought my clean
Corset. Val Bill & Angela came to
see me. Val looks good.
Talked to Fred.


January 26

Had good night. Croched big
part of day. Played Bingo & Kismet
Talked to Fred & Gladys

1973 Had good night. Got Shower
weigh 134 1/2. Went to Safe Way
with Gertrude. Fred called. Crocheted
quite a while. Good day.
1973 Today I have been here 9 mo.
wrote 3 letters Hazel Miller & Good
finished pot holders Read and
talked to Fred was in bed 8:30
1973 Good night & good day comming
up. Fred is comming over & we are
going up the mall for lunch. a very
pleasant visit
1973 Bob & Vi came by & brought
some comelus & bowl, Glad & Bill
came & brought some flowers & turn-
overs. Mrs. T & I enjoyed them so much.

January 25

1969 Vina operated on 11.30 P.M
for a ruptured apendix

1972 My friend Mrs Arcie came to
visit me & brought me some beautiful
flowers. She is from Park Blvd Ch.
Played Bingo
1973 Feal pretty good. Going to SafeW.
for Prune juice. Friend from
Alameda church came to visit us
Talked to Fred his leg is better
1973 Rained last nite & all day
80% tonight. Arm sure sore. Did
some mending on Corset. Croched
on tam Played Bingo talked to Fred
1973 Bob came & gave me $6- which
come in handy everything O.K.
Listened to KFAX most of day
Fred called. nice talk.

January 24

1969 Vina operated on
1892 Alma’s birthday.

1969 Vi & I went to see my apt
sure is lovely.

1-1-1970 moved into apartment
sure love it.

4-10-1972 had slight stroke.
Went to Merrit Hosp for a

1972 Went to Convelescent Hosp
for 3 wks. on 28th st between
28th & 27th St April 18th.
left July 7-1972

January 23

1941 Helen Jenny Loreta & myself went
to Leatos cafe for dinner also Sky Rooms
at Empire State Blg We had swell time
took Taxy home had coffee at 40th St.
1969 My back started hurting
had exray. I have osteoporosis
sure have terrible pain. also
arthritus in back & knee.
1973 Still have pain in back
and knees. Take anicin
2 every 4 hrs.

1973 Had good night. Feal pretty
good. Rained all day & nite
croched on hat answered 2
letters. Played Bingo Fred called
1973 Had good nite. Fred called
to tell me about his leg. Chroched
on tam. Went to bed early.

January 22

1964 Bought Pete Boy was
8 mo when I got him
May 64 he will be a yr old.

1967 Pete Boy still going strong
when I moved to Bob & Vi I had
to give him away. He caught
cold & died. I sure felt bad
1919 Letter from Marvin from
North Island

1973 Bob & Vi here. Vina brought
clean clothes. Took nap after lunch
got in bed early to read & loot at
T.V. Talked to Fred. All O.K.
1973 Cold wintery day. Got a letter
& book from Loraine, and Aldeen
Fred called nice chat. good

January 21

1973 Had good day today. Bob
came to see me. Talked to
Fred. He started cutting his lawns
& weeding. Walked up the mall.
1973 Another beautiful day. Walked
up the mall to bring my wig up to
be cleaned and set cost $7.50 but it
looks pretty. Feal good but tired. got
weighed 133 stripped.
1973 Beautiful day Fred callled
in a.m nice to hear from him
Washed a little. I croched a couple
of hrs. Talked to Fred tonite also.
19 Got up 9 oclock knee quite
sore Gertrude & I croched a
while. Played Binngo. Read the
Paper. Frred called.
1973 Going for my wig and
Safe Way. Listened to Welk
Went to bed early. Talked to
Fred. more fun.