January 5


1964 Gladys Taylor & I had a
nice visit with dinner at

1969 Welfare pd 80% of Eslingers bill
bal 13.00. I have to pay. Bob Pd

1974 Had good night got up 930
mended my corset dressed & visited
some of my friends. Went to church
1.20. Went to Mrs Thompsons Birth
197463 day party 100 yrs old. She
looked beautiful.
Jan 4-74 Went to Mrs Thompsons
101st birthday party had our
19pictures taken. I look like a
sour puss. I forgot to smile
Her family are all very nice


January 3


Letter to Mary from my father. A darling letter

1940 Wages for 40-41
$675.24 and sick benefit &
Hosp $185.00 From Union 67.15

1969 Had lovely Xmas & dinner
at Bob & Vi Bob & Edith there very
happy time

1969 Cash back from Bertleson dentist
Welfare paid 8090 I got 25 back
shure came in good for Xmas

1969 Cash back from Dentist 20.00
Welfare pd bal $60.00