January 7


1973 We finally got the heat
turned on sure is a blessing
Glad & Bill came & took my tV.
to fix Glad brought us a apple

19turnover it sure tasted
good Talked to Fred nice
& warm read. Feal pretty
good except my back & knee

1973 Bob & Vi a little better
Bobbie sick also. Rained
last night. Talked to Fred
all O.K.

1973 Got up late washed a
little & sewed clean straps on
my corset. Read some. Had
good night. Talked to Fred

73 Had good night got up &
washed my hair. Going to
Glad’s for Sunday dinner
Talked to Fred.


January 6


1973 Today I have been
here 7 mo. Kind of gloomy
day. Talked to Fred.

1973 Sure rained very
Stormy. Need new battery.
But will have to wait
Talked to Fred

1973 Bob & Vi both have the
flu bad. My cold is better
Talked to Fred he is fine, his
family is pretty sick.

1973 Sure cold had pretty good
day read some Talked to
Fred he makes my day
Slep good but very cold


January 3


Letter to Mary from my father. A darling letter

1940 Wages for 40-41
$675.24 and sick benefit &
Hosp $185.00 From Union 67.15

1969 Had lovely Xmas & dinner
at Bob & Vi Bob & Edith there very
happy time

1969 Cash back from Bertleson dentist
Welfare paid 8090 I got 25 back
shure came in good for Xmas

1969 Cash back from Dentist 20.00
Welfare pd bal $60.00

January 2


Jan 1st
1932 Married 20 yrs had [friends]
over for dinner & cards
1934 Married 22 yrs. Hazel had
big goose dinner for us & our friends

1935 had a family dinner with
Bob & Vi Gladys & Nana Carl & I

1936 Was very lonely for Carl
stayed home with simple meal

1947 Mitzie came to my
house as a beautiful kitten
& never left me even movin
5 times & still beautiful

1964 Mitzie died We all
were very sad but she
had a wonderful long
life of 17 yrs

1966 Bob & Vi Ed Glad & girls & I
for Xmas dinner at Bob & Vi Had a
wonderful Xmas
Married ifa 54 yrs.

January 1


1942 Dad Bob Vi Bobby Larry
Gladys & myself had a
dinner together.

1943 Dad Glad Vi Bob Bobby Larry
myself had Turky down at Ricon Park
Sure Swell Time took pictures

1944 Glad & I spent evening
together dinner at Capares &
2 shows & couple of
Shanhu Slings

1945 & 46 Helen Shields & I went
to S.F. had dinner & show swell time
1947 Helen Florence & myself went
to S.F. Dinner & Show great fun

1948 Helen & Florence & I Frisco
1949 Bob & Vi & boys & myself spent
at home.