January 8


1973 Got my T. back all O.K.
Went to listen to Church
Then played Bingo

1973 Had a nice dinner at
Glad’s Angela & I had fun
with her farm & animals
Lin Angela & I got home 7.30

1973 Mon. Had good nite to
sleep got up 9.30. Fred came
at 12 oclock. We went to Carl’s
for lunch had big juicy ham0
19burger & coffee. We Both
enjoyed ourselves very
much. he called when he
got home.

1973 Had good night called
Fred all O.K. Had shower
Went to Safe way. good
day read some


January 7


1973 We finally got the heat
turned on sure is a blessing
Glad & Bill came & took my tV.
to fix Glad brought us a apple

19turnover it sure tasted
good Talked to Fred nice
& warm read. Feal pretty
good except my back & knee

1973 Bob & Vi a little better
Bobbie sick also. Rained
last night. Talked to Fred
all O.K.

1973 Got up late washed a
little & sewed clean straps on
my corset. Read some. Had
good night. Talked to Fred

73 Had good night got up &
washed my hair. Going to
Glad’s for Sunday dinner
Talked to Fred.

January 2


Jan 1st
1932 Married 20 yrs had [friends]
over for dinner & cards
1934 Married 22 yrs. Hazel had
big goose dinner for us & our friends

1935 had a family dinner with
Bob & Vi Gladys & Nana Carl & I

1936 Was very lonely for Carl
stayed home with simple meal

1947 Mitzie came to my
house as a beautiful kitten
& never left me even movin
5 times & still beautiful

1964 Mitzie died We all
were very sad but she
had a wonderful long
life of 17 yrs

1966 Bob & Vi Ed Glad & girls & I
for Xmas dinner at Bob & Vi Had a
wonderful Xmas
Married ifa 54 yrs.

January 1


1942 Dad Bob Vi Bobby Larry
Gladys & myself had a
dinner together.

1943 Dad Glad Vi Bob Bobby Larry
myself had Turky down at Ricon Park
Sure Swell Time took pictures

1944 Glad & I spent evening
together dinner at Capares &
2 shows & couple of
Shanhu Slings

1945 & 46 Helen Shields & I went
to S.F. had dinner & show swell time
1947 Helen Florence & myself went
to S.F. Dinner & Show great fun

1948 Helen & Florence & I Frisco
1949 Bob & Vi & boys & myself spent
at home.