January 8


1973 Got my T. back all O.K.
Went to listen to Church
Then played Bingo

1973 Had a nice dinner at
Glad’s Angela & I had fun
with her farm & animals
Lin Angela & I got home 7.30

1973 Mon. Had good nite to
sleep got up 9.30. Fred came
at 12 oclock. We went to Carl’s
for lunch had big juicy ham0
19burger & coffee. We Both
enjoyed ourselves very
much. he called when he
got home.

1973 Had good night called
Fred all O.K. Had shower
Went to Safe way. good
day read some


January 7


1973 We finally got the heat
turned on sure is a blessing
Glad & Bill came & took my tV.
to fix Glad brought us a apple

19turnover it sure tasted
good Talked to Fred nice
& warm read. Feal pretty
good except my back & knee

1973 Bob & Vi a little better
Bobbie sick also. Rained
last night. Talked to Fred
all O.K.

1973 Got up late washed a
little & sewed clean straps on
my corset. Read some. Had
good night. Talked to Fred

73 Had good night got up &
washed my hair. Going to
Glad’s for Sunday dinner
Talked to Fred.

January 6


1973 Today I have been
here 7 mo. Kind of gloomy
day. Talked to Fred.

1973 Sure rained very
Stormy. Need new battery.
But will have to wait
Talked to Fred

1973 Bob & Vi both have the
flu bad. My cold is better
Talked to Fred he is fine, his
family is pretty sick.

1973 Sure cold had pretty good
day read some Talked to
Fred he makes my day
Slep good but very cold


January 4

Jan 4

1942 Dad Nels & myself went
to Tele News Show came home &
had coffee nice evening.

1973 Still here at Willows St
Had very bad cold & cough was in bed
5 days. Back and knee still sore
Slept pretty good

1973 Nice day Slept good Cold
still with me but better
Food terrible, Walked to Safe Way
with Gertrude. In afternoon played
19Kismeth real fun. Real Cold
Jan 74 Fred & I had nice talk
sure cold night slept pretty good

1973 Had fun day still coughing
Walked up the mall sure got
tired. Played Kismet was fun
Went to bed 9 oclock