February 3

1972 Sunday Bob & Vi came &
brought me a 2lb box of dark

1972 Our boys came home from
war today. A very happy
day for us all.

1972 Had my shower today
so got early start. Rained
all night. Dad real good
Talked to Fred
1972 Nice day nothing
exciting. Talked to Fred

1973 Still feal sick staying in
bed today. I’ll try & get up
tomorrow am. I enjoyed
these 4 days in bed


February 2

1964 Got Petie Boy he was 8 mo.
old. B
Birthday in January 1st

1st find
19673 Still in bed feal tired & sleepy
Fred called to see if I was better
It was such a nice surprise
Fred called this eve to check me
1951 Had tonsils out
Dr Majors

1973 Life would be pretty dull
here if I didn’t hear from him
Every day since I been sick he called
me 2 X a day.
1973 Still sick in bed been here 4 days
Fred called. Will try and get up P.M
I croched a little

February 1

1965 moved to Pala Vista
I sure liked it there Had it
all fixed up so nice. Then got
stroke & had to go to Hosp.
1973 Beautiful day. Good nite
playing Bingo, sewed. Talked to
Eve & Fred. Looked at T.V.

1972 Went to bed early, catching a
cold feal acky. Crochet most of
day Gertie & I went to Safe way
Nice day Fred O.K.

1973 My cold gave me a bad
time alright. Had lunch in room
now Crocheting Fred O.K.

My cold still bad staying in bed
all day. Slept all day. Still
cough & gargle Fred O.K.

January 31

1943 We bought Happy at
6 wks old & Bob dog same
time Bobby named him Peppy

1965 Moved to Pala Wista
today. I like it very much.

1966 Mrs Fitch got fired 7th
Bob hired her to take care f
me while at Glad’s.

1973 Sun, had good nite stayed in
bed & read Sun paper. Too cold to go
to SafeWat no heat on. It looks like
rain Talks to Fred O.K.
1973 Went to bed early back sore.
Talked to Glad. Mrs Short called
Fred O.K. Nice day

January 30

1973 Had good nite. Played
Kismeth with Gertie & Marie
had fun. Croched tote bag for
sewing & ect. Fred called
1973 Have to lock all doors
night & day as we have prowlers
looking for T.V. 2 policemen came
but didn’t cach catch them
1973 Had good night. Prowlers
back. I put 5.00 away for stockings
but someone found it,so I am
out of luck. Talked to Fred.
1973 Mary pretty low.
Had good night. Doors still locked.
Read my Bible. Beautiful day

1969 moved to 64 Santa Clara
Mrs Franch here brought reading
matter. She comes to see us quite
often from Church Fred O.K.

January 29

1973 Had good night. Read my Bible
Wrote to Grace Lin picked me up
to go to Glad’s for chicken dinner got
home 7.30 Fred called All O.K.
1973 Had good nite wrote a long
letter to Hazel. Took short nap
Talked to Fred O.K.
Start here again 1-29
1973 Had shower washed hair
Had good nite Talked to Fred
He is busy working for Edna.

1973 Had good nite weather
about the same had good break-
fast. Rainy & windy
Finished my tam to day turned
19out perfect. Talked to Fred
still busy but never forgets to
call He makes my day.

January 28

1973 Had good night. Got letter
from Hellen & Mellie. Fred had my
watch fixed. Croched all Aftternoon
Got letter from Don talked to Fred.
1973 Croched all afternoon. Answered
some letters. Went to Safe Way with
Gertie wore my tam everybody liked it
Currie came & gavve us communion & Prayers
1973 Had good nite. Had Bld
& Urinal test this am Played
Bingo & dominos. Talked to Fred

1973 Fred called & is comming to
bring me my watch. He pd for it
He is a darling.

1973 Still cold & wintery weather
Mrs. Nelson’s daughter brought me a
delitious piece of cake. Sure good
Talked to Fred All O.K.